TIRAMISù - Eurovo Service


Powdered mix for a tasty Tiramisù with Eurovo Service products: fresh egg yolk, Facilissimo and the Pate à Bombe Bakery Innovation.



360 g Eurovo Service Fresh Egg Yolk
300 g Facilissimo
220 g Sugar
150 g Potato starch
150 g Flour


500 g Water
400 g Sugar
50 g Freeze-dried instant coffee
200 g Coffee flavored liquor like “Kalua”


250 g Pate à Bombe Bakery Innovation
330 g Mascarpone
60 g Liquid whipping cream 35% fat
250 g shiny whipped cream 35% fat
1/2 Vanilla pod
7 g Leaf Gelatine from animal (hydrated in 75g cold water)



Whip the egg yolks with 120 g sugar. Separately whip the egg whites with the remaining 100 g sugar. Sift the flour and the starch together.
Whisk the two masses together and then slowly fold in the flour and potato starch little by little. Shape the disc bag using a 8 cm diameter nozzle, pipe spiraling inward over a sheet of parchment paper.
Cook at 220 ° C with open valve.
Proceed with the preparation of the coffee soak for the ladyfingers’ moistening: boil the water, add the freeze-dried coffee and 400 g of sugar. Allow to cool and then add the coffee liqueur.


Combine the vanilla and the Pate à Bombe. Cook as an English cream up to 85°C, whisk in a stand mixer. Hydrate the gelatine, melt it at 50°C and then trickle it slowly to the whipped mixture. Separately, whip the 60 grams of liquid cream with the mascarpone. Add this second mixture to the first one and add the shiny whipped cream for last.
Place the ladyfinger into the ring and soak it with the coffee mixture. Pour over the mascarpone cream to cover and repeat the operation, creating two layers. Dust the top with plenty of cocoa powder.

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