ABOUT US - Eurovo Service

The Eurovo Group is the European leader in the production of eggs and egg products.

This ensures that we can strictly control every single stage, from breeding to shelling to packaging, and supply our clients with products with guaranteed quality.

The Eurovo Group was born together with the frozen egg products that Rainieri Lionello, the founder, distributed to bakeries and pasta factories, after opening his eggs by hand with his wife Anita.

Our Plants

The Eurovo Group possesses 17 production plants in Italy and abroad (France, Spain, Romania and Poland). The most recent plant is found in Codigoro (FE). It is the world's largest free-range poultry farm, with 25 hectares and 1,200,000 hens.


calisese di cesena (fc)

Attività svolte: Activities: selection, shelling, pasteurization and packaging of eggs and egg products.


pieve di soligo (tv)

Attività svolte: Activities: feed production, hen farming, selection and packaging of eggs and egg products.


occhiobello (ro)

Attività svolte: Activities: feed production, shelling, pasteurization, packaging, powdered egg production


mordano (bo)

Attività svolte: Activities: hen farming, selection and packaging of eggs, shelling, production of boiled eggs.


imola (bo)

Attività svolte: Activities: organic hen farming, selection and packaging of eggs


codigoro (fe)

Attività svolte: Activities: barn-raised hen farming, selection and packaging of eggs

Our Values

The Eurovo Group, still owned by the Lionello family, is a stimulating example of family business. It is directed by the two sons of Rainieri e Anita, Siro and Ireno, by their grandchildren Silvia and Federico, and by all the employees who work with them to make a dream come true. Strengthened by the tradition and solid bases on which it was founded, the Group looks to the future with the spirit of those who have always believed in the value of work and in the power of innovation.


The Group’s vision focuses on respecting nature: this means that the well-being of our animals is the guarantee of healthy products, in harmony with the environment. To respond to consumers’ requests, the Eurovo Group has concentrated its investments on alternative systems for raising its hens: organic, free-range and barn. The environmentally sustainable approach, supported by a solid culture of responsibility and a well-rooted social commitment, becomes real in the shape of several projects that focus on the reduction of environmental impact.


The Eurovo group focuses its mission on satisfying the needs of every client, by constantly concentrating on innovation. In a continuously evolving market, embracing the needs of specialised and artisan companies means creating specific products that are studied with care, all the while respecting the balance between modernity and tradition. Genuineness and safety are guaranteed by the control of the entire production chain. Achieving and overcoming quality standards is the main purpose of all our processing phases.

The Eurovo Service brand

Eurovo Service embraces the needs of bakeries, ice-cream makers, the world of gastronomy and restaurants by offering professionals of the sector a wide range of specific products, with high quality egg and UHT products.